Nick Tsouroullis

Romeo Farm

One of several farm buildings in a town known for colorful structures

Wagon Wheel

Another farm near Romeo, Michigan


Mallards in Downtown Barrie, ON

Berry 1

Well Thawed Of

Rock Garden



Late Winter Hike

They thought I was lagging behind. They didn't know how colorful they looked.

Icy River


Leaf Detail

Smurf Seeds

Birch in March Sun



Vapor Trail


International Steel

Blue Water Bridge

The two sides of the international crossing between Port Huron, Michigan (USA) and Sarnia, Ontario (Canada). Taken from the US side

Loco Motif

Breakwater section

Logs used as part of a breakwater, St. Clair, Michigan

Ya think?


Pinecones at Sunset


Homestead 2

Just Over the Hill

Takeoff 2


Seagull, St. Clair River, St. Clair Michigan

Blue Water Bridge 2

Border crossing, looking from Port Huron Michigan, USA to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Coming & Going

On the Blue Water Bridge, high above the St. Clair River as it empties into Lake Huron, two trucks pass each other as one heads into Canada from the USA and another into the USA from Canada.

Wish you were here...


Early Morning, Late in Life

Fog and Dew


The Gate

The old world charm of Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan looks dramatic under a thick morning fog. This is one of hundreds of classic estates along Lakeshore Rd., on the shores of Lake St. Clair.

Stone House, Foggy Shore

Towering Into the Mist

The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club tower in a slight morning mist, on the shores of Lake St. Clair, Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan.

Real Proud of Yourself?!

The Gate 2

Pre-Season Park in Morning Fog

Blossoms Aglow

With a little play with "luminance" of magenta and yellow in Light Room, you can make your subject appear internaly lit.

Filter Fantasy


Sometimes you have to make your wife feel like a movie star by photographing her while you're out on a date with her and she's not expecting it.

Tulip Whisper

Tulips, frankenmuth michigan, flowers, close-up

Sky Painting

Train, Bridge & River


Yours truly

Quiet Time

Fooling Grandpa

We told Gramps he shot this picture in 1931. It's actually from last Sunday (I guess he forgot about prohibition).

Aging Charmer

An old-style east-side Detroit home, built like a fortress, that was once my bachelor pad.

Fountain of My Youth

The old stone drinking fountain on my path to school still stands there today.

Fountain of My Youth 2

Those hot summer bike rides in the 70s always led to this refreshing stop. Re-visited it for the first time in decades just a couple of months ago. (Bratty Rd at the entrance of Sentinel Park, westside of Toronto)


Still love the Toronto streetcars. Finally went back home to shoot them this weekend.

Dwarfing Angle

Spoke Focus

Rental bikes, Harbourfront, Toronto

All Relative


A boy's wonder with the magic of the TTC subway trains never goes away. Indeed, it increases with the passage of time, drawing him back home with a camera. I especially love how you can see the trains of yesteryear in the background as the train of tomorrow is bursting on the scene.

Union Station Columns

Toronto's Union Station Columns still grace the station's main entrance.



IC it 2

Tall ship in Toronto harbour.

Wavy Boardwalk

Always Looking Up

Aptly Framed


Considering Coffee

More Toy Trains

My fascination with the Toronto subway trains continues

Panera in the Morning

Railroad Walkers

Faithful Feet

Just a good guy walking the track

Red Door 5

Lay it on the Line



Wings Over Troy


So much "structure". Lines in the pavement, cable, power lines, rays. Any other title would've been out of line.


Geese 2

Maple Lane


Bridge Street United

A view of a neat old world church in downtown Belleville. I laid the camera in the grass in front of the flowers belonging to St. Thomas (another church across the street) and angled it to catch an upward, hopeful perspective, with bright tulips, lightened with some flash, defying a gloomy day.


An imposing home, now museum, currently closed for renovation. Belleville, Ont.



Sometimes it's hard to grasp what someone was thinking when they designed a house that looks like this. But then, the Victorian era was unique. They might have been impressed by this design but my guess is they were "not amused."


Bridge St. United Church, Belleville, ON


Bridge St. United Church, Belleville, ON

The Cyclist


Hands and Wheel

Omaha Butterflies

Butterfly exhibit, Omaha Zoo, Omaha Nebraska


An understated view of a very impressive species. (Omaha Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska)

Camera Shy

Sometimes it's just fun to catch beauty not posing or trying to impress. (Omaha Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska)

Belleville pier

Not Our Car

Toronto Rumbler

Nothing rumbles in that smooth way like a Toronto streetcar


She's heard it all before.



Sky Fountain


Adam, what happened? You still wear the image of God and are still the first thing on His mind.

Narrow Escape

The Nursery


Under the Gardiner 2

Calm Before the Storm

Days of Heaven

Tulipped Scenario

Columbia Center


Sky Floor

Hanging In


Dreaming of Freedom


Seal Swirl

Wheel, Tarp and Bricks

White Wheel

Just a scene that caught my attention as calmly cheerful and pleasing. One of those moments, I guess.

Saturday Morning

Wayne County Building from the curb





Little Early for the Lights

Daddy, What Else Did You Leave for Me

A scene that reminded me of the heart-breaking Pink Floyd lyrics and the plight of a fatherless boy that I so well understand. Thank God for restoration.

Guardian Building 1

A view of the lobby of the stately Downtown Detroit skyscraper built 1929.



Though you can't detect motion, tremendous energy is in action even in the calmest of rural settings this time of year.

Reflection and Light Rain

Moved by the Picture

Something about this picture at Queen's Park in Toronto just moved me. YYMe? Ah, my camera's eye.

Moved by the Picture (Remastered)

Some prefer the newer version. Cleaner. More "vital", less "witchy." Changes aren't permanent. But change is.

Queen's Park 2

Ontario Legislature main entrance

Three Pretenders

Field of Depth


Toronto Talent

City Hall

Old City Hall

Sudden Signs of Life



The Stare

Garden Stream

Old City Hall 2

Solid Emphasis

Orange Restored, Searching for More

Eaton Centre

Stone House

Clay Pot and Sky Drama


Rail Detail


Saturday Watch

Look Up Detroit

Straight Up

Guradian Building 3

Down Along the Track


Birmingham Blues

The Hand

Amtrak in June


How many places do you see power in this shot?

Smoky Exit

The Departure

Into the Blue

Timing 2


Twin Over My Shoulder

Leaving Birmingham

The Square 2

Heaven Summons

Just past the gate They lay them down But graves vacate On trumpet's sound


Evening Welcome

Rainbow Over St. John's

The Space


Actual Sky (no filter or editing)

Summer Night Mix


River Days 1

Detroit River Days

River Days 2

River Days 3

River Days 4

River Days 5

River Days 6

Boat and ferris wheel, Detroit River.


Quiet Track

Reality Panels

Subtle Confidence

Toward the Light

Prov. 4:18

Tribute 2

Green to Blue

The Speaker

End of June


Ohio Hay Rolls

Ghost Beef

Here today, gone to market.

Sunrise Woods


Running Behind Schedule


Landscape Disturbed



Some family portraits beg to be taken.

New Father, New Son

A calm, confident, fatherly strength comforts an agitated newborn.

Chicago Bound

St. Clair Sunset

It's Outta Here

Behind by 9 Runs

Flight to First

Boys of Summer

Storm Winds

Little Man 3


Ariana 2

Little Man

Color Splash

Not Shy

Playoff Bound


Movie Set

Out in the Open

Stephen B. Roman 1

Stephen B. Roman 2

Stealing Third

The red streak makes it to third safely.

Garden Joy

Flowers, Bench and Ship




Forbidden Fleet

Patrick Simmons

The heart of the Doobie Brothers rocks the house.

Johnston & McFee, Doobie Brothers

Doobie Brothers Center Stage

Make Me Smile

Johnston & McFee 2 (Doobie Brothers)

Oxford Barn

Light Through Barn


Stable Work

Chow Down

Break Time

Young lady working at a riding stable takes a break in the heat of the day.


I never gave much thought to goats being particularly cute--until I met Buck who followed me around and wanted to be my friend. This 6-month-old little guy is one cute kid.


A calm delight of blue and green.

Sea Harrier 1

The only privately-owned Sea Harrier in the world (owned and flown by Art Nalls) makes a vertical landing at Thunder Over Michigan, Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Sky Dancer

Sea Harrier hovers over crowd at airshow

Because They Dared

Blackhawk B & W



Circle of Time





Gotta Go...



Boats at Boblo

Pier Delight


Wildflower Awakening

Great Awakening

Dream Cruise Chevy

Little GTO

Big Rock, Bigger Sky

Sedona Rocks 1

Sedona Memory

Sedona Love

View from Apache

The view from the open French doors of Apache Trout Grill in Traverse City, Michigan, on a rainy September afternoon.

Rainy Bay

Grand Traverse Bay on a rainy Friday afternoon in September.

Sedona Majesty

Castle Rock

A Sedona pleaser, Castle Rock.

The Rock



Montezuma Caste

Still Moving

Name Dropping

Mobile Conversation

Names can never hurt you...unless the line snaps...

Bending the Truth

Snowbirds Over Lake Ontario

Taking a Break

Snowbird Collage

Mount Clemens Train



Up. Close.

Heck of a Reenactment

A trashed plane used in a reenactment of a World War 2 battle at Willow Run Airport during 2012 Thunder Over Michigan.

Sleeping Boy

The prince sleeps...

The Battle of Willow Run

A World War 2 Reenactment at Willow Run Airport, Belleville, Michigan

Good morning

Late Summer Berries


Cooling Off


Fifi Over Michigan

B-29 Superfortress

Toronto Waitress

Another Day in Paradise

Dundas Square-Centre of Attraction

Stony Creek 1

Stony Creek 2

Stony Creek 2

Wild Order

Early Color

Nature Center Lookout Boardwalk


Fall's First Day

No Time for Storms

Early Fall 2012

Duck Wars


The Curly Shuffle (Woobwoobwoob!)

When ducks watch the Three Stooges...

Friday Fowl

Cool Melt

On the Clinton


Exit Stage Left

The moment a bird leaves the feeder

Turkeys in the Wild

What Was That?

Annual Artwork


Duck in Jell-O

Sisters on a Pier

Sisters on a Pier 2

Room for One More

How Far Down?

Boblo Cruiser

Saturday Bird Watching

The Moment of the Moment

Notice the photographer at the far left capturing the flutter of the bird.

Fast Food



Sedona Approach

Phoenix Bar

SuperWeiner to the Rescue!

He's Mine Now!


The Ring

Number 13

Emerging All-Stars

Coaching Moment

More Coaching

Practice Drills

The Coach

Retired NHL player Bryan Smolinski coaches my nephew's team. Shown here outlining a play to the AAA team during practice.

Game Face 1

Game Face 2

Party Crasher

Water. Color.

Dawn or Dusk

Grizzly Practice

Extreme Fall 1

Extreme Fall 2

Extreme Fall 3

Extreme Fall 4 -- The Dance of the Trees

Riding Out the Day's Events

Extreme Fall 5 - The Incline

Extreme Fall 6

Ford Mansion 1

On the grounds of Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, Grosse Pointe Shores, MI

Ford Mansion 2 - The Guardhouse

Guardhouse underpass from the grounds looking out

Ford Mansion 3 - The Guardhouse Has an Upstairs

Steps lead to the second storey of the guardhouse.

Ford Mansion 4 - The Guardhouse Old and New

Ford Mansion 5 - Servants' Parking Lot Gate

These are just the finials on the gate to the servants' parking lot.

Ford Mansion 6 - Bittersweet Memory

The Ford Mansion offers so many creative opportunities. Muting the colors and adding some grain makes a movie-like dream sequence effect--perhaps in honor of the great Edsel Ford, who built so many things and contributed so much to humanity but died too young.

Fall Enigma


While the foreground tells of fall, it seemed like the pond in the background spoke of spring on the other side of the world.

Ford Mansion 7 - The Pond

In Range

Ford Mansion 8 - North Face

Ford Mansion 9 - South Face from across pond

Ford Mansion 10 - Old World Gutter and Concrete Shingles

Ford Mansion 11 - Portal in Time

Just Because

Incoming Dachsund

Calm Confidence

Deputies on Horseback

Inviting Path

Back Gate

The Face of Faithfulness

Color Front Moves In

Ford Mansion 12- Old World Ivy

Ford Mansion 13 - Carriage House Door

Dimension and Depth

Sedona Dusk


Stuck on Sedona

Breathe Sedona

Breathe much, speak little, meditate, thank.

Planet Sedona



Here to Love You

Golden-Haired Boy

Kestrel 1

Kestrel 2

Kestrel 3

Kestrel 4- Serious Dinner Alert


Yours Truly

Yeah, that's me.

Quiet Feed

Red Tail

Looking for Me?


Girlscout BFFs

Bored? Walk.

Mutual Awareness

You Asked to See Me?

Lovely Lady

Extreme Fall 7

The Guest

Fall Glow

Forest Glory

Disturbing Gaze


Top of the Food Chain


Tree on Fire

Ford Mansion 14 - Josephine's View

Little Josephine Ford, Edsel and Eleanor's little girl, was enchanted with fairy tales and her servants helped perpetuate that for her. Here's the Ford Mansion in a way that she might have recalled it from her childhood.

Steel Foot Bridge

The Horse - 1

The Horse - 2

Ford Mansion 15

Colorado Myst

Stone House on a Hill - Dundas, Ontario

Power Plant

Ford Mansion 16


Young Deer

Ford Mansion 17


Sedona Nightfall

Sedona Nightfall Take 2

I reduced the clarity and found it to look like a translucent slide. I kinda like it.


Ford Mansion 18


V = W x H x D


Colorado Myst 2


Lingering Luminance

Feeder in Woods

Color Your Woods

Mmm, Yummy!

Night Stream

Evening Stroll



Luna di Mattina

Distant Vessel

There's nothing like the mystique of a long Great Lake vessel creeping silently into the rising sun.



Daybreak 4

Bench, Tree, Lake

Sun Splash

Ford's Beach

Ford Mansion 20

How Far to the Pointe...



The Wall in the Fall 2

Some charm about this exterior wall at the Ford Mansion caught my eye--fall sunrise, rugged texture, clinging vine berries, orange leaves. Not sure if it catches your eye but for some reason it did mine.

The Bench

The Bench 2

Another shot with vignetting

Tanker and Windmills on Denim


Hey man, w'sup?

Smoked deer?

Emerging Leader

Welcome to my World

Here, Follow Me

Another Clinton River Shot

Fall Against the Sky

Water. Fall.

One Detroit Center

So precise, it almost looks like animation. But this is a photo of the spires of 1 Detroit Center, taken from Greektown Casino's parking structure.


Greektown Gaslight

1 Detroit Center (2)

The Ledge

Calm Downtown Morning

Mid-Day Break

Object Lesson

Object Lesson 2


Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor as scene from Detroit

Globe in the Sky 2

After the Storm



Near and Far

Ball with a Beak

Urban Plight

Keep Out


Ford Mansion 21


Westside Story

Westside Story 2

Coming to America

Trucks enter the U.S.A. from Canada via Detroit's Ambassador Bridge.

Ford Mansion 22

Gulls, Stony Creek


The Back Lake

Ford Mansion 23 - Entry


Beside Still Waters


Yacht Club

Ford Mansion 24 - Holiday Window


Sadie 2

Dinner Options



Final Approach

Approaching DTW


Fishing Ford's Cove

Mild November Pier

Ford's Cove

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

One of several possible border crossings between the US and Canada. This one connects downtown Detroit, Michigan with downtown Windsor, Ontario, passing under the Detroit River.


Financial District

Heartbeat of America

GM World Headquarters/Renaissance Center, Detroit, seen from Windsor, Ontario.

Fallen Beauty

Whoa, Less Throttle...


Milestone 1

Thank you for getting me to 1,000!

22nd Floor

One of Many

Sedona Paradoxes

Sharp Dresser


Monkey on her Back

The Thinker

Wait, wait... don't tell me...

Hey, watch what I do to these vultures...


O Holy Night...


Red Panda






Choreography 2


Arctic Fox

Lovin' It

Edge of the Sky

Shake it Off

Nowhere to Hide

Wait...there's that werid bird scent again...

Prairie Dogs

Otter be in Pictures



Easy, tiger.





Unexpected Winter Color

Mexican Lance-Headed Rattle Snake

i AM smiling.

Western diamondback rattle snake

Yes I'm Real

Dwarf Caiman

Red Tail 2


Cairn and Bear

Polar Joy

Polar Majesty

Polar Queen




Bald Eagles

Peacock Huddle

No Accident


How to Under Stand a Bear

Perfect Timing

November Joy

Cranky but Beautiful

This cat was somewhat annoyed with its photo sitting but turned out cooperative after all.



Prairie Dogs

Album Cover Concept



Bridge Over Ice

Bridge Over Ice - Color

Ford Mansion 25

Looking In

Ford Mansion 26

Ford Mansion 27 - Front Door



Ford Mansion 28 - Ballroom Window

Between Summers

Laws of the Wild

A reminder of squirrels' place in the food chain.

Ghosts of Yesterdeer


Lone Hunter, Lone Diner

A red-tailed hawk starts eating a freshly killed squirrel.

Zebra Sucks a Lemon

Note: no zebras or lemons were hurt in this work.

New Life

Butterfly 2

Otter Take a Nap

Stand Apart


O Yeah? Well this is what YOU look like.

Sometimes the artist and the subject just want to get goofy.


Dusk on Ford's Cove

Distant Ship

Ford Mansion 30

Ford Mansion 31

His Better Side2

When Penguins do the Robot

Macaroni Penguins

I Forgot Our Anniversary

1 Against the Sky

Duck of Color

Deux Canards


Evening Sun 1

Evening Sun 2

Night Ruckus



"Yeah, I know what you mean..."

Distant Geese

Nearer Geese

Some Will, Some Won't

Billionaire's Barn (Ford Mansion 32)

The equipment barn/garage at the Ford House is larger than most houses.

Rainy Path

Ford Mansion 33

An unusually mild December makes for foggy evenings on the lake front property formerly occupied by the Ford family.

Old Detroit Architecture 1

Old Detroit Architecture 2

Nothing Stops Detroit

Old Detroit Architecture 3


11 Seconds

This Year


Cared For

Waye County Dome

Woodward in December

Woodward in December - 2

Not Impressed

Young Buck

Doe Portrait

Upside Down Flyer

Timing is everything. Goosey on the right was spotted flying "upside down."

Ugly Buckling

He's called "the ugly buck" in these woods, mainly because of the gothic make-up looking eyes. But, as we all know with adolescence, awkwardness can change and he'll likely have the rugged, majestic good looks of a full-grown buck.

Hanging On

Rare December 2

Two Realities

Cardinal in December

Love capturing cardinals this time of year. They can't hide.

Cardinal close-up


Graceful Exit

Bird's Eye View

The Hen

Big Baby

He Thought No One was Looking


River Otters

Daybreak Today

Beautiful Season

Hope you're enjoying it!

Daybreak at the Lake

His Mercies

Morning Person Benefits

Geese and Thin Ice

The Stare

Wet Day

Huron Seagull Guard

A dispatch of American seagulls guard the entrance to Lake Huron from invading Canada geese.

"All right, on the count of 3..."


Port Huron Blues

Blue Water Bridge, Port Huron MI/Sarnia Ont.

House Under the Bridge

Now and Then



Getting this little gal to be still long enough for a portrait was not easy; young, bouncy and full of life.

Mixed Moment



Hank 2

This guy's all business--chasing geese off the Ford Estate.

Morning Shore


Early Start

Contented or Resigned




Peaceful Strength


Iron Fence

Silent Pier


Geese and swan in Lake St. Clair in a milder-than-usual December.

The Studio

Art class on hold for Christmas (Ford Mansion property)


Dressed to Kill

December Light



Young Buck

Young buck in Troy Michigan

Monarch 1


Creator's Signature




Secret Place

Prehensile-tailed skink, a lizard native to the Solomon and Papua New Guinea Islands.

Buck in Snowstorm

Peace in the midst of a storm

Sugar Shack in Snowstorm

His World

Buck in snowstorm


Looks like he was shivering but probably just eating.


Snowy woods in Troy.


Majestic young buck.

Tomato Frogs

Tomato Frogs.

Winter Robin

Eyes of Love

German shepherd

Winter Beach

Otter Dance

River otter

Rumble in a Blizzard

Two CSX engines cross 14 Mile Rd.


Amazing muscle definition on this lioness.

Rose Garden in Winter

Eleanor Ford 's rose garden in snow.

Rose Garden in Winter 2

Eleanor Ford's rose garden in winter.


Hank the border collie got them off the shore, but my sudden appearance got them out of town.

Hank 3

Hank was hired to chase geese off the Ford estate; but he chases anything that moves. He does absolutely nothing with it when he catches it. But then, that's what border collies were bred for: chasing.


This is a re-crop of "Hank 3". I wanted to emphasize his expression more. He was extremely excited, even spinning in the snow a few times.

Till Spring Reawakens

Eleanor Ford's rose garden retains a beauty even in the winter.

Framed in White

Snow creates so much art.

If You can Conceive it...

A play on words, the title speaks to the baby she's holding but also the far away vision she appears to behold from her high vantage point.

Dear Lord, I Need Your Guidance

I think chimpanzees pray.

Deerly Beloved...

My friend Bucko, a wild young Buck who enjoys company with certain humans, and one of his young ladies.

Madam Cardinal

Female cardinal feasts on berries.

Feathered and Tar



Peacock tail feathers

Eagle in a Haystack

Guard that hay!

Ford Mansion 36

Backyard shot in winter



Artic Fox

Awwww!! Just what I wanted! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Can you ever get enough polar bears?

Michigan Gull Guard

Just doing their thing.


The beauty of this moment reminded me of the coming Restoration...

Still Winter



The Visitation

The Pause

Snack Time

Why don't you come a little closer and see what I'm munchin' on?

3 Bucks worth of Fun

Young bucks taking a break from fight training

Doe in the Snow

Cooperative Cardinal

I love cardinals; especially when they look right at you.

Three-Eyed Bundle

Young arctic foxes bundle together.

Ducks in the Wind

On the banks of the Clinton River you'll find flocks of ducks riding out the winter.

Ruffled 2

Male mallard doing his thing

Pierce the Darknes

Morning light filter in and begins to separate the world from darkness.

Fire and Ice

Canada geese in December

Female Cardinal

Cardinal feasts on berries.

Favorite Time of Day

Couldn't pay a model for this great pose.

The Line

No ducking out of line

Woodpecker in Snowshower

Woodpecker seeks for food between rain drops and snowflakes

Is this Going to be a Long Story?

Bored looking chimpanzee.


Little tough guy.


Phone or Store Front?

Which is it? The store front or just an image on a phone?


Coda, golden retriever.

Coda 2


Coda 3

Golden retriever.

Samantha 2

Precisely, Robin

On cold days, robins tend to stay more still for pictures.

Retro Bird

Wanted to recreate images of magazine photos I remember as a kid that tried to convey a slightly somber mood.


Dripping polar bear.

What are you looking at?

Not amused?

Hanging by the Waterfall


A brother and sister I got to photograph this week.

Late Winter Dance

They're Back

Love red wing blackbirds

The Corner

Classic view of Toronto's Flat Iron Building

The Corner BW


St. James Cathedral, Toronto

Inside St. James 1

Inside St. James, 2


Wooded Path

The very early spring can deceptively pose as the late fall.


Avian contortions are missed by the naked eye...

The Twilight of Spring

Spring is full of odd mixtures--cold, heat, light, dark, sun and rain.

The Next Awakening

The restoration of all things is at hand.

The Ransomed Heart

The ransomed heart of man--embattled but bearing the images of God.


April: the emerging joy.

Peaceful Prince

My little guy takes in the Spring. (Prince, 7 weeks)

Puppy in motion

Beagle puppy running

Prince Looks Up

Today, Prince met cousin Leo for the first time...and really looked up to him.

Happy Mother's Day!

Canada gosling.

Laugh Yawn

Beagle puppy enjoys a spring day

Yes, I know that...

Beagle puppy

My buddy

Prince, 10 weeks.

Where's the Beef?

Irresistable beagle pup.

Daddy, You're Funny!


Swallow the Sun

From Eleanor's garden

Hey, You Did This to Yourself

Hey, don't cop an attitude with me; I warned you not to get tangled in that mess.

Enigma Overflow

Enigma Overflow 2

Cranbrook 1



This little gal was born Aug. 5, 2013


Wolcott Mill Farm


Stumbled across this scene accidentally with no one around seemingly for miles

Chicken, Butterfly and Flowers

Unusual Combination, interesting timing

Sunday Evening

Chillin' after a summer evening walk.

Surprise by the Lake

I was sitting by Lake St. Clair on the First of August...


Approaching Fullness

Due season is an appointed time...


Sometimes you look through where you are as you envision somewhere else.

Dairy Queens

Ladies in waiting...

That was fun!

Prince after an evening in the park.

The Conductor

The baton is down...


Beach Movie

I like scenes that I can "hear."





He finally strutted...

Fly Like a Beagle

Prince in his glory

Silver and Green

Eyes Over the Wool



Wolcott, Ray Twp.


Bear Shower

The Place

Fall Forward

Looking In

Ghost Beagle

Interesting mood

Precisely Robin

Winter Beams

Lake St. Clair from behind the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, Grosse Pointe Shores.


The war governor of Michigan, 1861-64 in front of the state capitol in Lansing.

Drawn In

Front entrance, State capitol, Lansing, MI

Stone Cold

Winter Cap

The main entrance to the Capitol in Lansing, MI.

Flags over Michigan Capitol Dome

The Michigan Capitol Dome with the U.S. and Michigan flags, Lansing.

Calm Confidence

The CALM CONFIDENCE of God's love and imputed righteousness. "When you got it you got it, you know what I'm saying?"




Alternate name: Time Machine. Edsel Ford Mansion still plays tricks in your eyes. Is it there or is it a memory?


daffodils in april

Inbound 1

Air Canada flight preparing to land at Pearson.

Tower City

Evening falls on downtown Cleveland's Tower City district.

Heavenly Pause

My buddy after a grooming.


She seemed so intrigued by me.


St Clair 2

St Clair 1

City pier in St. Clair, MI

St Clair 3

St Clair 4

Saturday morning in June in St. Clair, Michigan finds people preparing to capitalize on the nearby river and the mighty Lake Huron.

St Clair 5

Saturday morning, St. Clair MI

Baby Prince

Can't believe this was less than a year ago.


Showed up by the lake unexpectedly.

Detroit from Windsor

A classic skyline shot of Detroit viewed from Windsor, Ontario.

Dream and Reality

A classic blend of old and new runs throughout Toronto's downtown area. Shown here, St. Andrew's.

The Trained Eye 2

The Trained Eye 1

Clinton River Trail

Rare moment of beauty.

Fly fishing

A soft-filtered view of a popular sport.


Surprise Flight

Fun, unexpected shots are often my favorites.

Palace, Coliseum View

Something about this view made me think of a Roman coliseum. With a little exaggeration of shadows together with the hard edges of this angle, I think I captured a little bit of drama that makes the Palace look more imposing.

Foggy Morn Grosse Pointe War Memorial 2

Fall in Motion

A little reduction in the clarity through Lightroom makes for a slightly dreamy view of leaves caught in the act of falling.